Who we are ?

Our expertise

We have over 35 years of experience in the space industry covering expertise in R & D projects, telecom payloads and satellites, space applications or the management of telecommunications, data collection or search and rescue programs.

Eric LUVISUTTO is president of SatConseil.

He held various responsibilities at CNES and at the US telecommunications operator Worldspace before creating SatConseil:


Argos data collection program manager and “ARGOS 4 next generation” constellation preliminary project manager, which became KINEIS


Search and Rescue programs manager (COSPAS SARSAT, MEOSAR on GALILEO), representative of France on the board of the international organization


Manager of technical departments in the fields of microwaves, time-frequency, applications and uses of space telecommunications

Founder and animator of the Technical Competence Center on Space Applications (now COMET ECOS)

Worldstar satellites development manager

Head of the European Digital Satellite Radio Broadcast Program

Manager of the civil and military payloads of the STENTOR satellite

Responsible for R & D developments for satellite payloads.

Eric LUVISUTTO also supports start-ups in their development.

He holds an INSA engineering degree supplemented by a General Management training (CPA of TBS).

He was Auditor of the 17th Mediterranean Session of the High Strategic Studies on geostrategic, defense and security issues.

Our network

SatConseil is a member of Aerospace Valley, Europe’s leading aerospace competitiveness cluster, and a member of Club Galaxie, a key player in the French space industry.

SatConseil is a co-founding member of the Toulouse Space Team consulting group, which aims to help its clients to position themselves better in the space ecosystem.

We have an extensive network of partners, experts in their field, in France and internationally able to provide you the best solution.

We are thus able to offer you a service offer on / through the entire value chain starting with the development of equipment, programs, and various themes and sectors related to space.